Urology Sub-Specialty

Miraca Life Sciences provides the next generation of urology services by bringing together proven pathology expertise and cutting-edge molecular diagnostics. These services address each patient's individual cancer and foster personalized treatment and disease management.

Through a focus on quality and innovation, Miraca Life Sciences is improving patient care. Our brand of precision pathology combines high quality anatomical and molecular pathology to provide our physician customers with strong, personalized information. Personalized to each patient, our reports help physicians determine optimal treatment, allowing for the best possible chance for recovery.

Miraca Life Sciences' urology services include:

  • Academic-caliber pathology expertise by fellowship-trained and nationally recognized leaders in the field
  • Comprehensive, integrated molecular pathology services
  • Development of revolutionary proprietary testing platforms that will help diagnose patients earlier in their diseases with less invasive methods
  • State-of-the-art laboratory operations designed for the highest safety and quality with positive-patient identification at each transfer step, point-to-point bar-coded tracking of specimens throughout, and double-blind data entry to ensure specimen integrity
  • Rigorous quality assurance programs
  • Comprehensive pathology templates designed to provide optimal diagnostic and prognostic information (including prognostic Han and Partin Tables for prostatic cancers and a color photomicrograph included in all reports)

I have to tell you… what an excellent tech support team Miraca has. They are always available and ready to help me with any issues that Danbury Surgical Center has.
— Ellen Basson, RN, Danbury Surgical Center

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Rajal B. Shah, MD

Director of Urologic Pathology

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Urologic Conditions

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