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Quality Measures

At Miraca, we believe that every patient deserves the right answer. The right answer is derived from the most sophisticated and sub-specialty expertise, the most intense dedication to quality and the most unwaivering commitment to innovation. This is more than a mission statement, it defines our aspirations. It is our reason to exist and inspires us to believe in, and deliver, on all our promises.

Miraca is the pathology services provider that truly collaborates, both clinically and operationally, to make patients and the medical practices that support them, better. We believe in healthy collaboration for healthier patients.

We provide patients and doctors with access to the highest quality analytic and health information services. And, we measure our performance. Concordance with outside academic institutions is an excellent unbiased measure of quality. Each year, thousands of our patients request a review from leading academic institutions. Miraca’s outside review concordance rate is 99.4%.

This concordance rate is much higher than other labs who report discrepancy rates of 3.7% - 7.9%.

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