Recognizing the effect of medications

Duodenal epithelium shows marked nuclear pleomophism and mild architectural complexity.

Duodenal epithelium shows marked nuclear
pleomophism and mild architectural complexity.


  • 63-year-old man with a history of colorectal carcinoma and heme-positive stool
  • Biopsy of the duodenum, endoscopically showing mucosal irregularity
  • Histology worrisome for dysplasia/carcinoma. Miraca GI pathologists recognized likely therapy effect
  • Clinician contacted; subsequent chart review revealed previous 5-FU chemotherapy

Our Diagnosis

  • Active Duodenitis with Reactive Epithelial Atypia, Consistent with Chemotherapy Effect

The Miraca Life Sciences Difference

  • No confusion as to whether the patient has a malignant process (primary or metastatic) involving the duodenum
  • No dysplasia or malignancy is present

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