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Plasma Cell Enrichment: A Valuable Tool to Increase Abnormality Detection Rates in Plasma Cell Disorders by FISH

E. Kroman, L. Scott, Q. Zhao, J. Zhang, T. Golding, M.L. Miller, W.L. Flejter – Miraca Life Sciences

Cytogenetic analysis of plasma cell disorders (PCD) is difficult owing to their low proliferative rate in vitro. Although interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) has improved the detection of abnormalities, cases with a low level of neoplastic cells often go undetected. Plasma cell enrichment techniques increase the density of the overall population of plasma cells, thereby increasing the detection and frequency of abnormalities. In this preliminary study, bone marrow plasma cells from 21 patients with a clinical suspicion of a PCD, and 20 normal control samples, were enriched using the auto MACS Pro Separator.

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