Notes on the Importance of Notes

The importance of quality physicians’ notes and the complete documentation of clinical history for all specimens submitted to the pathology laboratory cannot be understated.

Miraca Life Sciences is committed to providing unmatched service to our physician clients and their patients. Our best work starts in partnership with our client at the physicians’office or point of specimen collection. The documentation we receive helps us judiciously select complex procedures, reagents and instrumentation as appropriate for each patient’s case. Detailed physicians notes and documentation of clinical history are a critical part of our decision-making process. An excellent physician’s note with accompanying clinical history and other documentation assists with the provision of the best pathology care. When patient information provided by the referring physician or institution isinsufficient or incomplete, inefficiencies and delaysin reporting may occur.

For Miraca’s part, we provide our physician customers with strong, personalized information. Personalized to each patient, our reports help physicians determine optimal treatment, allowing for the best possible chance for recovery. Miraca is committed to providing unmatched service based on integrated, state-of-the-art technologies, proven hematopathology expertise, academic-caliber medicine and appropriate test utilization.

By working to supply high quality information on both ends of the testing process – from the collection of the specimen and associated clinical history through the issuance of the final pathology results – both parties benefit and the best results for the patient are realized.