Experience that Goes Beyond Expertise

As a gastroenterologist and Miraca Life Sciences client, you are likely already aware of our subspecialty expertise in diagnostic gastrointestinal pathology. What you may not know, however, is that Miraca pathologists maintain an unequaled commitment to continuing education and further professional development. The “Miraca Certified Pathologist” program was conceived to recognize the accomplishments of our pathologists who, by virtue of practicing at Miraca, continually improve and refine their skills in diagnostic GI pathology. More importantly, this pursuit of excellence benefits patient care through recognition of rare entities, sophistication of interpretation, integration of clinical clues with pathologic findings, and specificity in diagnostic interpretation. A Miraca pathologist must accomplish five goals over the course of a minimum of 2 years at Miraca to be recognized as “Miraca Certified.”

1) Experience and case volume. To become certified, our GI pathologists first must have interpreted biopsies from at least 20,000 GI patients at Miraca over at least 2 years. In addition, the level of diagnostic accuracy, which is monitored by the random retrospective review of cases signed-out, must meet the standards of our rigorous quality assurance program.

2) 200 hours of participation in the Miraca Daily Consensus Conference. At this conference difficult cases and rare or emerging entities are presented, and consensus is reached not only on the best diagnosis, but also on the best way to work up each case and communicate the diagnosis to the gastroenterologist. This conference also allows the group as a whole to learn from the experience of GI pathologists with diverse backgrounds and enables the dissemination of highly specialized information, thus raising the level of everyone’s expertise. An example of this is when our Director of GI Molecular Pathology Mark Redston educated the entire practice about Lynch Syndrome, including the proper interpretation and reporting of MMR immunohistochemical stains in screening for this entity.

3) 25 hours of GI-specific CME at national conferences. This criterion underscores our goals of staying at the leading edge of scientific knowledge and practicing at an academic caliber level.

4) Didactic lecture. Each month, a Miraca GI pathologist presents to the entire department, summarizing the most up-to-date knowledge regarding a particular topic. A Miraca Certified GI Pathologist will have presented at least once.

5) Primary Investigator on a research project. Each pathologist must have at least one paper published in a recognized journal as a first author or present an abstract at a major national meeting. This final requirement highlights Miraca’s commitment to academic caliber medicine by encouraging the use of our vast database to further our understanding of GI pathology and how the practice patterns of clinical gastroenterologists affect patient care.

In summary, these requirements for becoming a Miraca Certified GI Pathologist illustrate that at Miraca, training does not end with fellowship or prior academic accolades. Indeed, practicing pathology at Miraca Life Sciences has been referred to by many of our doctors as a “perpetual fellowship.” To provide the best diagnoses for your patients, it is Miraca’s philosophy that we must continually improve ourselves. The above milestones for Miraca certification demonstrate that the imperatives of diagnostic accuracy and continuous improvement are at the forefront of everything we do.