Commitment to providing a more specific diagnosis

Ileal resection with fissuring ulcers, mural thickening and subserosal lymphoid aggregates. No  granulomas present.

Ileal resection with fissuring ulcers, mural thickening and subserosal lymphoid aggregates. No granulomas present.


  • 42-year-old woman with persistent GI bleeding and negative upper endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy showed several centimeters of edematous terminal ileumwith no areas of ulceration identified
  • Resection of the terminal ileumand right colon



Outside Diagnosis

  • Active Ileitis with Ulceration, Hemorrhage and Granulation Tissue
    • Comment refers to the possibilities of ischemia, infection, drug-induced ileitis and Crohn’s disease
  • Gastroenterologist asks Miraca Life Sciences for consultation due to confusion on how to treat and further evaluate

Our Diagnosis

  • Active Ileitis with Fissuring Ulcers and Transmural Inflammation, most consistent with Crohn’s Disease
  • Clinician notified that the patient has Crohn’s disease, not infection or ischemia

The Miraca Life Sciences Difference

  • Specific diagnosis rendered
  • No additional diagnostic work-up for ischemia is necessary
  • Allows for immediate and effective therapy
  • No concern about giving immunosuppressive therapy to a patient with an infectious process

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We’re pleased with the excellent MU resources that Steve Sharp has provided, and the advocacy he has taken on our behalf. Howard Gervasoni is a true MU SME, helping us to understand the rules and their applicability to us on a pragmatic basis, assisting [with] implementing the compliance mechanics within our practice’s clinical operations, guiding our scorekeeping analytics as we monitored our performance through the measurement periods, testing our IT systems and security as appropriate, and supporting our input submission and validation processes. In addition to technical competence, he has great interpersonal skills—important in helping irritated lay people deal with a perceived “nuisance” endeavor. The “bottom line” is that with Miraca’s help we achieved our MU goals which were of significant consequence to us!
— Morgan Hunnewell, Practice Manager; Ron Drabik, Project Administrator; Dr. Vinod Thakkar, President,
Thakkar, Patel & Avalos, Sebring, Fla.

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