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Quality Reporting Services

Inform Diagnostics has developed a series of reports with powerful diagnostics and practice statistics to help physicians manage their practices and their relationships with us. Clinicians have found our reports useful for quality tracking, as required by accrediting agencies such as Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), and have used these data when working with managed care providers. In addition, these reports may be helpful in communication with referring physicians.

Quarterly Pathology Reports

The Inform Diagnostics Quarterly Pathology Report is a powerful report that includes diagnostic, statistical and referral data to help you examine your practice and its relationship with our large database. We continually strive to create more informative and useful quarterly reports for administration and analysis.

The Quarterly Pathology Report Includes:

  • Diagnostic Summary Report, an in-depth analysis of your practice's surgical pathology specimens and diagnoses.
  • Clean layout and formatting for at-a-glance analysis of your reports.
  • Month-by-month breakout of your specimen count by type, including a quarterly average of specimens taken per patient.
  • Pathology Volume Report by Physician now displays physician volume
  • Most Frequent Referrals among Inform Diagnostics patients displays the top 25 referring physicians whose patient referrals generated tissue that was submitted to us.
  • Pathology Turnaround Time report presents the variables that contribute to a case exceeding the routine turnaround time. The report now includes items designated as internal (Miraca Life Sciences) and external (your practice) for your consideration.

Diagnostic Summary Reports

The Inform Diagnostics Summary Report is a quarterly summary of diagnoses rendered on patients treated at the client's facility along with those from our national database.

The report details both numbers and percentages of major GI diseases, such as Barrett's Esophagus (with and without dysplasia) and subtypes of colonic polyps. Clinicians have found this report useful for quality tracking as required by accrediting agencies such as AAAHC and have used these data when working with managed care providers. In addition, this report may be helpful in communication with referring physicians.

Contact Client Services for more information on these valuable reports.

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— Josephine Chu McAllister, MD,
Dermatologist/Founder, Dermatology Associates of Ithaca, Ithaca, N.Y.

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Meet Our Experts

Richard H. Lash, MD, FCAP, FACG
Richard H. Lash, MD, FCAP, FACG

Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations

James M. Gulizia, MD, PhD
James M. Gulizia, MD, PhD

Vice President and Medical Director of GI Pathology