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Working at Inform Diagnostics

Join us and help change the quality of healthcare

Being a Inform Diagnostics team member means being part of a professional culture founded on success. At the heart of this success is an unyielding commitment to continual diagnostic excellence, a willingness to work tirelessly to exceed the highest expectations and a readiness to thrive in a changing, dynamic industry environment.

Inform Diagnostics is dedicated to building a new and different kind of healthcare company, one that focuses on the most important part of healthcare — the patient. We have developed a revolutionary approach to pathology diagnostics that emphasizes collective expertise and cutting-edge technologies, empowering us to deliver the highest quality patient care possible. Quite simply, at Inform Diagnostics, your hard work will help change patients' lives for the better.

Discover a career filled with opportunity

Our unparalleled approach to healthcare offers Inform Diagnostics employees a unique, inclusive and collaborative work experience. Using state-of-the-art technologies at the forefront of precision medicine, you will be part of a team carefully selected from among the best and brightest talent in the world.

From our laboratory staff and sales team to our world-renowned physician faculty, Inform Diagnostics employees reflect the many diverse communities we serve. Working Here, you can discover challenges and professional opportunities, pursue your career goals, develop new skills, create career paths and explore new horizons.

The entire Miraca team has been the most supportive client service team we have ever dealt with. After 18 years as a clinical supervisor with our practice, I have been most impressed with the accessibility and commitment of the entire team to facilitate any and all services available to help grow our practice with the most current tools available. From Amberlyn [Abbott], our sales rep, to Lindsay [Alexander] and Zac [Whaley], our technical support, we have never heard, ‘I don’t know’ or ‘We do not do that.’ They are the most dedicated team to find answers. If they don’t have them, they find them!!
— Brenda Esser, Clinical Supervisor
Parks Dermatology Center, Daytona Beach, Fla.

Learn about Miraca's unmatched quality. We provide our clients with access to the highest quality AP services.

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