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Caris Life Sciences Announces Launch of National Cancer Research Observational Registry

The Caris Registry’s Molecular Data To Help Predict Responses To Cancer Therapy

IRVING, Texas, February 16, 2010 — Caris Life Sciences (Caris) – a leading provider of integrated anatomic pathology and oncology testing services, including molecular profiling and hematopathology – today announced the launch of The Caris Registry℠, a biomarker-driven repository to help predict clinical benefit and patients’ responses to cancer therapy including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological therapy.

“The Caris Registry provides a centralized, real-time data repository through which treating physicians can share and expand their understanding of personalized treatment options for their patients,” said Alan Wright, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Caris. “Equipped with information obtained through the Registry, physicians will have significant opportunities to improve outcomes for patients.”

The Caris Registry will be comprised of profiling information and clinical outcomes from patients using the Caris Target Now™ series of molecular profiling services.  Caris Target Now is an oncology testing service offered exclusively through Caris that utilizes cutting-edge molecular profiling techniques to identify key characteristics about a patient’s tumor as an aid to the treating oncologist.

“Our goal is to make The Caris Registry the most clinically valuable oncology registry in the nation,” said David D. Halbert, Chairman and CEO of Caris Life Sciences.  “Caris’ significant investment in the initiation, development and support of this cutting-edge program further solidifies our leadership position as the trusted provider of precision healthcare solutions.”

Caris anticipates that the Registry will provide vital information to the government, insurers and medical providers by providing a high-volume of real-time, catalogued outcome information for analysis. Caris also anticipates that collaboration with these organizations will result in the advancement of key drug-development strategies, future healthcare policies, prospective clinically relevant research trials, publications and posters.

For more information on how clinics, doctors and researchers may be able to participate in the Caris Registry, please contact

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