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Meet Our People

To discover the kinds of people who work at Miraca Life Sciences, hear from a few of our talented employees in their own words, as they share some thoughts below about what it means to be a Miraca Life Sciences team member

Michael L. Miller, DO
Medical Director of Hematopathology

My decision to join Miraca Life Sciences was primarily based on the company's outstanding reputation for providing academic-caliber services and its commitment to diagnostic excellence. It was very exciting to become part of a progressive, multifaceted organization that utilizes cutting-edge technology and successfully drives the development of new diagnostic testing to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Lesley Knutson
Human Resources Manager

One of things I enjoy most about working here is that I feel like, as a company, we continually explore different ways to do business better. We are not restricted by policy or legacy practices. At Miraca Life Sciences, we truly have an opportunity to make an individual impact because it's in the best interest of our patients, people and our business.

Julie Reimann, MD, PhD
Director, Dermatologic Molecular Pathology

Implementation of the Melanoma Fluorescence In Situ (FISH) Test at Miraca Life Sciences has been an exciting and rewarding project to lead, placing our Dermatopathology team at the forefront of diagnostic accuracy in the classification of melanocytic neoplasms with conflicting morphologic features.

Michelle Wilger
Sales Director

After being in the health care industry for more than a decade, I've found that my previous experience has blended really nicely with the Miraca Life Sciences culture. As part of the company's Sales team, I believe that I make a difference by building on the exceptional relationships I've made with our medical partners and continuing to sell the benefits of Miraca Life Sciences services in a rapidly changing industry environment.

Keesha Stiner
Cytogenetics Technologist

After graduation with a degree in Cytogenetics, I had a wide range of job opportunities. Once I considered them and looked into the values of each company, I found Miraca Life Sciences to be truly extraordinary. It's unique in that the company stresses that all departments work together as a team to combine all of the technologies and data we have available. Miraca Life Sciences ensures better patient care through higher quality diagnostics.

Salima Haque, MD
Pathologist, Gastroenterology practice

Miraca Life Sciences offers its team of pathologists many varied academic opportunities, including performing cutting-edge research at a high level and training the next generation of physicians by teaching gastroenterology fellows and residents both here at Miraca Life Sciences and at other local academic institutions.

Miraca has been extremely helpful to our office with Meaningful Use. It is such a complex task to undertake, and having knowledgeable people from Miraca to assist with each stage, work flow, and administration is invaluable. You guys have saved us countless hours.
— Pam Kefer, Office Manager,
Wallach Derma Center, Danville, Calif.

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