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Hematology Sub-Specialists

By focusing on quality and innovation, Inform Diagnostics hematopathology services are improving patient care while lowering costs. Our brand of precision pathology allows physicians to treat with confidence and rapidly determine treatment plans, giving their patients the best possible chance for successful outcomes. Precision pathology also means that patients require fewer tests and less treatment, conserving precious healthcare resources. This begins with and is supported by the highest standards in quality.

Quality People – Our experienced, academic-minded medical staff exclusively practices in hematopathology, and are supported by a skilled group of laboratory professionals and technologists.

Quality Laboratory – A state-of-the-art facility where primary diagnostic testing, including cytogenetics, are performed under one roof – not sent to multiple locations across the country.

Quality Medicine – A responsible assay utilization approach based on clinical necessity. Every case is individually reviewed and only those tests that are appropriate for accurate diagnoses are ordered.

Quality Reporting – One definitive diagnosis and report that summarizes testing across multiple platforms.

We are committed to building an exceptional diagnostic hematopathology laboratory to serve the needs of hematologists and oncologists throughout the country. Our medical staff of former academicians have years of extensive training, practice and teaching exclusively in hematopathology. This staff is supported by a highly skilled group of laboratory professionals and technologists. Meet our experts.

Access to Hematopathologists – We believe the delivery of exceptional hematopathology services, whether for initial diagnosis or management, is founded not only on quality and accuracy, but a partnership between the ordering physician and the hematopathologist that allows for immediate consultation and thoughtful dialogue.

Appropriate testing – We believe in responsible, conservative testing and will not order unnecessary tests or panels. In fact, we review every case individually and only orders those tests that are required for accurate diagnosis. Often, a hematopathologist working at Inform Diagnostics will contact the ordering physician to review cases and discuss appropriate assays to use.

Miraca Life Sciences Client Experience - From specimen pick up to final report delivery, we provide unsurpassed customer service. With 7-day/week laboratory operations, a tireless customer service team, and rapid turn-around-times, we are setting the standard for next generation hematopathology services, with quality, expertise, precision and service.

Our comprehensive menu of quality, integrated and innovative technologies couple traditional platforms with progressive antibody-based and molecular diagnostics:

  • Microscopy/Morphology
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)
  • 8-Color Flow Cytometry
  • Cell enrichment for FISH and/or molecular analysis in difficult to assess disorders
  • Cytogenetics
  • Qualitative and Quantitative PCR
  • Sequencing and Fragment Analysis
  • Molecular Genetics

For a detailed list of our FISH probes click here.

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The eleven-year relationship between our medical staff and the gastrointestinal pathology specialists of Miraca Life Sciences has served both our patients and physicians very well.
— Tom Deas, Jr. MD

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Meet Our Experts

Raul C. Braylan, MD
Riccardo Valdez, MD

Vice President, Medical Director, Hematopathology

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