What is the EoGenius test?

EoGenius is a unique and powerful test which is available only through Miraca Life Sciences.

  • Clinically validated on both pediatrics and adults using both fresh tissue and FFPE. Miraca Life Sciences is committed to offering clinicians innovative and valuable decision-support tools to enhance patient care in GI disease. EoGenius will cast light on a condition that has been identified only in the past two decades, but is now considered a major cause of digestive system illness.
  • EoE diagnostic panel comprises a 96-gene quantitative polymerase chain reaction array and an associated dual-algorithm, that uses cluster analysis and dimensionality reduction
  • Identifies patients with EoE in a fast, objective, and mechanistic manner, offering an opportunity to improve diagnosis and treatment
  • Originally developed at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital by Dr. Marc E. Rothenberg
  • To further document the clinical relevance of the test, Miraca has partnered with researcher Evan Dellon, MD, at University of North Carolina. The abstract for the publication has been submitted to Digestive Disease Week. Dr. Dellon’s achievements in EoE include authoring the current American College of Gastroenterology’s standards on EoE.

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