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Gastroenterology Laboratory

Excellence in anatomic pathology is more than accurate diagnoses

GI Pathology Services

Inform Diagnostics' state-of-the-art gastroenterology laboratory brings academic-caliber gastrointestinal (GI) pathology services to patients along with world-class physicians. Integrating our cutting-edge technologies into daily practice ensures that physicians and patients have access to the most informative and relevant gastrointestinal diagnostic information available.

Inform Diagnostics' GI pathologists are all subspecialty trained in gastrointestinal pathology, and include nationally known leaders in the field who hold and have held professorship positions at leading academic institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard (Brigham and Women's and Beth Israel), Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, M.D. Anderson, Duke, Cornell, University of Texas, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Medical Center and many others. These distinguished gastrointestinal pathologists and their colleagues have published over 1,550 peer-reviewed research studies and over 150 textbooks and book chapters, and regularly present research at the major national meetings for gastroenterologists and pathologists.

GI Screening

At Inform Diagnostics, an expert team carefully scrutinizes every biopsy under the microscope to render an accurate diagnosis for each patient. The company's commitment to providing the most current, evidence-based testing is exemplified in its testing for defects in DNA mismatch repair gene function that can identify patients with certain types of genetic colorectal cancer. These patients require different treatment and follow-up, and their families can benefit from this critical information.

We are also focused on the development of a highly-accurate and precise blood-based diagnostics platform to address unmet clinical needs across the gastrointestinal cancer spectrum — from screening and diagnosis to prognosis and therapeutic guidance — enabling physicians to provide patients with precise and effective treatment.

GI Subspecialty Pathology

Inform Diagnostics is the largest U.S. gastroenterology laboratory, examining well over 3,000 GI biopsies every day. This unparalleled access to biopsy samples provides our pathologists with unique research and learning opportunities to evaluate unusual cases as well as to characterize common diseases in ways not previously possible. Our commitment to ongoing learning is manifested through daily slide-review conferences, monthly didactic and journal review conferences, rigorous quality assurance, and continuous review of the company's diagnostic terminology and criteria.

Improve The Quality Of Your Care

Subspecialist expert pathologists, consensus and evidence-based approach, state-of-the art labs, innovation and research, technology and consulting services

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The dermatopathologists are very easy to work with and will pick up the phone to discuss pathology if there are any questions.
— Susan Seidel, RN,
Office Manager,Stone Oak Dermatology, San Antonio, Texas

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Meet Our Experts

Richard H. Lash, MD, FCAP, FACG
Richard H. Lash, MD, FCAP, FACG

Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations

James M. Gulizia, MD, PhD
James M. Gulizia, MD, PhD

Vice President and Medical Director of GI Pathology