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Dermatology Sub-Specialists

Inform Diagnostics' expert pathology services are committed to improving patient health. This commitment to unparalleled subspecialty dermatopathology via ongoing clinical education, research, and innovation allows clinicians to determine optimal treatment the first time, giving patients the best possible treatment options. By pinpointing the right diagnosis and allowing for right treatment at the earliest possible time, Inform Diagnostics helps conserve healthcare resources and reduces costs for everyone.

Inform Diagnostics could not achieve these results without attracting the best doctors. The board-certified dermatopathologists who work here have trained and held faculty positions at leading academic institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Duke, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), University of Virginia, University of Utah, Louisiana State University, and Washington University (St. Louis). These pathologists have published more than 1,550 peer-reviewed studies and more than 150 textbook chapters and textbooks.

We take pride in developing close collaborations with treating physicians to provide patients with the best possible health outcomes. Our dermatopathologists include those trained in clinical dermatology as well as surgical pathology, so that the company can leverage the strengths of both in its educational and consultative activities. Many continue to practice clinical dermatology, giving us better insight into the needs of patients and their treating physicians.

At Inform Diagnostics, dermatopathologists combine their collective experience in a unique, academic-style environment, convening a daily consensus conference to discuss challenging and interesting cases. The experts who work with us gather from around the country to ensure the most accurate diagnoses and to foster consistency of interpretation. Monthly lectures, journal review conferences, disease-specific quality assurance, and continuous updating of terminology and criteria keep our pathologists current with the very best practices in the field and ensure optimal patient care. The dermatopathologists also actively conduct clinical research, leveraging an unparalleled patient case repository, and present the results of their scientific endeavors regularly at major national meetings as well as publish in major medical journals.

The comprehensive Inform Diagnostics Quality Assurance program documents and improves quality. Cases are audited internally and externally for difficult and ambiguous cases. Despite the difficulty of these cases and well-documented interobserver variations among experts, these external reviews have resulted in a remarkable concurrence rate of nearly 100% with other dermatopathology experts at major academic medical institutions.

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Miraca has made our life much easier by providing the necessary technology, the most professional service and excellent customer service. We have used different pathology labs in the past. Miraca is the most outstanding among all of them.
— Angela Wong, Office Manager, David S. Ho, MD, Urologist
Houston, Texas

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Elsa F. Velazquez-McGuirk, MD
Elsa F. Velazquez-McGuirk, MD

Director, Dermatopathology Practice