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For Clinicians

Pathology Services

At Inform Diagnostics, we believe Every Patient Deserves the Right Answer. It’s our guiding philosophy every day.

How is Inform Diagnostics Different?

Inform Diagnostics is a leading provider of anatomic pathology services with distinct differences:

  • More than 5,500 patients each day
  • Sub-specialists in Dermatopathology, GI pathology, Hematopathology and Urologic pathology, including PhD Cytogeneticists
  • Academic-caliber faculty—many have held, or currently hold, faculty positions at respected academic institutions, such as Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical Schools, UT Southwestern, and M.D. Anderson
  • Unique practice modeled on comprehensive expertise via sub-subspecialization, ongoing education of faculty as well as fellows and residents, and a consensus-based approach to terminology and diagnostic criteria
  • Active participation in research, including presentations at national/international meetings, books/book chapters, and peer-reviewed publications

Our Quality Achievements

Physicians who choose Inform Diagnostics know us for our commitment to quality and the day-to-day processes that set us apart.

  • Daily consensus conferences for all subspecialties at large multi-headed microscopes to review difficult cases and ensure the most definitive diagnoses
  • Extraordinary diagnostic concordance rate with outside academic institutions: 0% major discrepancies and 0.4% minor discrepancies
  • Stringent laboratory quality-control processes:
    • Video receipt of each package
    • Double-blind accessioning of patients to minimize entry errors
    • Positive patient identification at each tissue-transfer step to minimize specimen switching
    • Point-to-point tracking throughout the process to assure specimen integrity
    • “Matchmaker” reconciliation with visual matching of each block and slide prior to case delivery to pathologists
  • State-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced testing offerings and platforms
  • Innovation Committee, a cross-functional professional review of all new tests to ensure medical necessity, achievement of performance thresholds, and proper implementation and training of lab and medical staff as well as our clinician clients

Inform Diagnostics is a premier provider of anatomic pathology services, and we are honored to receive thousands of specimens each day. Each one represents the trust of a physician and a patient who deserves the right answer.

The support team at Miraca has been invaluable in helping us with Meaningful Use. They are beyond experts in their field, and have saved us countless hours.
— Michael H. Coverman, MD,
Austin Dermatology Clinic, PA, Austin, Texas

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