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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive two EOBs from my insurance company for lab work?

Certain payers (examples: BCBS of Texas, some Medicaid plans, etc.) prefer that the separate companies performing laboratory services each bill for their own services, meaning the physicians bill for their services and the laboratory bills for its services.

When these services are performed and billed separately, patients may see two EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) from their insurance company, one for the “professional component” (reading the slide or other results) and one for the “technical component” (preparing the specimen or performing tests). If a co-payment is required from the patient, you will possibly receive two invoices, one from each company or organization. If you have any questions, please contact the billing office listed on the invoice you receive.

Why did it take so long to receive an invoice?

Typically, it takes 60 days or more for insurance companies to respond to Miraca Life Sciences’ claims. Sometimes the insurer’s response to Miraca Life Sciences is that more information is needed in order to process the claim. The billing cycle then restarts and may repeat itself several times.

Miraca Life Sciences attempts to collect our claims from your insurance company without bothering the patient in the process. As a result, by the time the insurer calculates your financial responsibility and you receive an invoice from Miraca Life Sciences, it may be more than four or five months after the date of service.

I received an EOB from my insurance company. Does it require further action?

An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a notification from your insurance company after it has processed a claim. An EOB is not a bill. It is only an estimate of your financial responsibility. The only time you should pay Miraca Life Sciences is if you receive an invoice from us. Miraca Life Sciences will adjust the patient responsibility to an in-network level of benefit (excludes Colorado, Florida, Idaho, New York, and South Dakota).

Why did I receive an invoice from a pathology company?

If you or your insurance company received an invoice from Miraca Life Sciences, it is because we provided pathology lab services to your physician on your behalf. You may have heard that your specimen or biopsy was sent to the lab. Miraca laboratories are in several locations across the country. Your specimen or biopsy was reviewed by a pathologist, which is a doctor who has specialized in the diagnosis of disease, and possibly further specialized in a specific field, such as dermatopathology or gastrointestinal pathology. At Miraca Life Sciences, all of the pathologists have further specialized in their specific field of pathology.

What should I do with the invoice I received from Miraca?

Co-insurance, Co-payments and Deductibles:

Your invoice from Miraca Life Sciences usually pertains to a deductible or copayment according to the terms of your contracted in-network benefits with your insurer.

Incorrect or Incomplete Information:

You may receive an invoice from Miraca Life Sciences if it appears that you do not have insurance coverage, or if the information provided to Miraca Life Sciences was incomplete or inaccurate. Please call us to correct the information for re-filing and also call your doctor’s office to ensure that they have complete and correct information.

No Response From Insurance Company:

You may receive an invoice from Miraca Life Sciences if your insurer does not respond in a timely manner to a claim submitted. Please call Miraca’s billing office at 888.344.1160 to ensure that we have the correct contact information for your insurance provider, and we will resubmit the claim to your insurer.

Payment Information:

To pay your invoice, send check or money order to P.O. Box 844117, Dallas, Texas 75284 or pay using our online bill pay tool.

I have a secondary, or supplemental, insurance policy. How does that affect me?

Miraca Life Sciences will submit all secondary, or supplemental, insurance claims on your behalf. If you receive an invoice from Miraca Life Sciences and believe that a secondary claim has not been submitted, contact Miraca’s billing office to verify. (Be sure to provide each doctor’s office with the necessary information on all of your insurance policies prior to any visits, procedures or tests.)

Who can I contact if I have additional questions about an invoice?

Miraca Life Sciences Billing Services: 1.888.344.1160

PLUS Diagnostics Billing Services: 1.866.242.0250

  • Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST)
  • Fax: 1.251.626.3130

Please have your account number (found on your invoice) and insurance policy number (from your insurance card) available.

If I have any questions, the Miraca dermatopathologists are easily accessible via a quick email or phone call.
— Josephine Chu McAllister, MD,
Dermatologist/Founder, Dermatology Associates of Ithaca, Ithaca, N.Y.