Subspecialty Pathology Laboratory
Diagnostic Testing Services

Miraca Life Sciences' expert pathology labs provide physicians with the information they need to make important individualized treatment decisions. We believe that better information can lead to more effective treatment selection and ultimately to better outcomes for patients with cancer and other complex diseases.

Miraca Life Sciences provides subspecialty anatomic pathology services in the fields of breast health, dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology and urology. Our labs also offer general surgery pathology services.

Our specialists have a proven track record of accurately diagnosing difficult cases — from distinguishing between similar conditions to accurately identifying the effects of medications and other factors.

Many of our pathologists are faculty members at leading institutions nationwide and actively participate in research initiatives. Through rigorous quality assurance, daily conferences, state-of-the-art resources, and close relationships with clinical partners, we continuously improve diagnostic precision for the thousands of patients we serve each day. Our pathologists also develop consensus-based terminology and criteria and participate in extensive educational and training activities.

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Miraca Life Sciences is a subsidiary of Miraca Holdings, Inc., Japan’s largest clinical pathology diagnostics and laboratory testing service provider. The company, previously known as Caris Diagnostics, was renamed Miraca Life Sciences in February 2012.

About Miraca Holdings
With group net sales of ¥211.7 billion (FYE 3/2016), Miraca Holdings, a Japan-based holding company in the healthcare sector listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is engaged in the business consisting of three segments: (i) development, manufacture, and commercialization of in vitro diagnostics, (ii) clinical laboratory testing, and (iii) other healthcare related businesses, which are conducted by its subsidiaries and affiliates including Fujirebio Inc., a leading supplier of in vitro diagnostics in Japan, and SRL, Inc. ("SRL"), Japan's largest commercial laboratory. SRL offers comprehensive clinical laboratory testing services to medical institutes throughout the nation, ranging from general testing to esoteric testing, including gene-based tests.